24 Avril Lavigne Outfits You Wanted As A Tween

by Jordana Lipsitz

Around Avril Lavigne's heyday in the early '00s, many of us were awkward preteens with very little understanding of how to dress our newly growing bodies. Sure, some girls had it figured out (and I commend those girls, I really do), but there were a lot of us stuck unsure of where our fashion fit into the world. I, for one, wasn't certain of which styles I should copy or what I even really liked. But, then, all that changed the first day I, as a skating enthusiast (but maybe not an actual skater) laid my young eyes on Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne had so many outfits to be jealous of, and I wanted them all.

She taught her fans that you can be comfy but cute all at the same time. When she wore chokers, we wore chokers. When she purchased studded belts, we purchased studded belts. When she classed it up, we ran out to the closest Nordstrom Rack and found ourselves a sensible black dress to pair with combat boots. It was a wonderful. But, her fashion is not just for the tweens of the early '00s, it is timeless — or, at least my jealousy of her style is timeless. I give you proof:

1. Her "Sk8er Boi" Look

This was my first foray into her music, and I was obsessed with the black baggy pants, green graphic tee, and backwards trucker hat. Don't even get me started on the clashing red tie around her neck.

2. All Black Everything

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of Avril's staple is all black but with a cool graphic on whatever shirt she's wearing. So chic.

3. Her Pink PJ's

Lavigne changed up the sleepover game big-time with her pink tank, short shorts, and skull socks in "Don't Tell Me." Cute little skull socks were everywhere for a minute. But, the bedtime short shorts are here to stay.

4. The Poofy Dress With Boots

"My Happy Ending" was my style bible for years. Oh, the cool contrast of the shoes and dress!

5. The Baggy Pants With Tight Tank

I still rock this look, also from "My Happy Ending," which is an Avril staple the regular.

6. The D.A.R.E Shirt

I sold my D.A.R.E. shirt for $10 in high school to a young man who followed Avril's life lessons far better than me. I will never not regret it, especially now that D.A.R.E isn't really a thing anymore.

7. Zip-Up Hoodies

She really reminded us how wonderful zip-up hoodies are. The pockets! The hood! The zipper! So functional and cute at the same time.

8. These Arm Warmer Things

While serving no real function, those things that go over your arm are perfect when paired with the perfect matching outfit.

9. The Devil Ear Hoodie

Seriously though, where does one acquire one of these?

10. The Trenchcoat

A classic look from "I'm With You" and always wonderful.

11. The White Tank

Good for comfort and fashion purposes.

12. Stripes

Who among us didn't purchase a striped shirt at Spencer's? I know I did.

13. Short Shorts With Fishnets

Damn April, back at it again with the short shorts. This time, for non-sleep purposes. The fishnets really bring this look to a new level.

14. The Leather Jacket

A simple leather jacket is just what any gal needs. Ms. Lavigne knew this.

15. The Long Flowy Dress

This is a look from "When You're Gone." Even with a long dress, Lavigne still manages to look punk.

16. Complementary But Contrasting Sneaker/Socks Combo

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If my dryer wasn't the sort that steals socks, I'd totally still have a pair of these.

17. Furry Hoods On Jackets

Once upon a time, everybody had a jacket with a furry hood from your mother to the cafeteria lady. They were an inevitable part of living in the '00s.

18. This Tartan Dress

Get it, girl!

19. Camouflage

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Especially pink camo.

20. The Corset

There's something about that steampunk sexy corset look that feels so empowering when you wear it.

21. Plaid Pants

I never bought into the plaid pants thing, but I know so many who did.

22. The Vest

Though this vest is hidden by a bunch of her hair, it's still pretty cool. Avril really brought a strong game with the pop punk power of vests.

23. This Sweater With Short Shorts

Is your top half cold but your bottom half isn't? The baggy sweater and short shorts combo is just what you need.

24. Layered T-Shirts

Seeing this GIF reminds me that I really need to get back into the T-shirt over a long-sleeve T-shirt game.

I'd like to thank Avril Lavigne on behalf of all '00s preteens around the world. You really changed our collective lives with your daring fashion choices. Now, if you can gift me your closet, that would be great.

Images: Giphy (16); CosmoGirl; Savvy; Cosmopolitan