Try to Guess What North Carolina Republicans Just Did

Just in case you know anyone at all who doesn't believe there is a war against women being waged in this country, this little piece of incontrovertible evidence surfaced Wednesday, via ThinkProgress.

North Caroline Republicans, unsatisfied with their efforts to attach restrictive abortion measures to an anti-Sharia bill, have now quietly incorporated anti-abortion amendments into (wait for it) a motorcycle safety bill.

Yes, you read that right. A motorcycle safety bill.

Republicans decided to incorporate the anti-abortion amendments into the motorcycle safety bill, SB 353, just hours after North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) threatened to veto the anti-abortion legislature added to the anti-Sharia measure—without any public notice whatsoever.

Because, you know, state politicians are elected by their constituents to make policy decisions that are so bad, they don't want any of said constituents to know about them.

The anti-abortion measure in the bill would shut down several abortion clinics in the state. Gov. McCrory expressed concern that the restrictions would end up simply limiting women's access to reproductive care. In response, the new restrictions attached to the motorcycle bill are even narrower in scope.

The only good thing to come from the underhanded act (which, by the way, some Democrats didn't know about until three minutes before the committee meeting) is the trending hashtag #motorcyclevagina from angry objectors.