What Are 2014's Best Picture Oscar Nominees About? Here's Your Cheat Sheet

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Oscars season is in full swing, folks. And you know what that means: OSCAR PARTIES. Truly the greatest reason for the season: Academy Award bingo, red carpet drinking games, and Best Picture-themed snacks for all! This year's nominees for Best Picture are in quite a tight race. Mega blockbusters paired with indie darlings and historical dramas make for one of the finest batch of nominees in ages.

Though there were some glaring omissions in the nominations, we're pretty pumped to see how it all goes down on the big night. If you're headed to an Oscars party or just want to chime in on your Sunday brunch convo with friends, you might want to know a thing or two about all of 2014's Best Picture noms. But we get it: You're a busy person and couldn't make it out to see all nine of the big flicks. Don't sweat it. We've compiled a handy dandy cheat sheet of talking points, summaries, and predictions to help beef up your Oscar lingo. Study up and enjoy the show!

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