Sex, Frankenstein, & The 'Penny Dreadful' Trailer

Maybe you caught a glimpse of the original 30 second trailer, but now you can have two whole minutes of creepy and sexy glory! The trailer for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful is here, and while there is still not too much to say, we know have a minute and thirty seconds of more proof that when the undead and sex unite, Showtime makes a series. Necrophiliacs, get ready! Just kidding.

So, now we can gather that there will be blood, the undead, mad cockroaches and other bugs, Frankenstein’s monster, other monsters/semi-deadfolk/paranormal creatures from the popular vernacular and literary canon, vampires, group sex, possessions, hauntings, and hidden doors! And a lot of sex. And kinda-undead people having sex! If there’s one thing that premium cable is great it, it’s taking a genre and making it sexxxxxy (because don’t we all have a medieval fetish now, thanks to HBO and Game of Thrones?) Plus it’s, Showtime, the televised brains behind Queer As Folk, and Showtime loves sex scenes.

It looks pretty intriguing, and it’s from Sam Mendes, who brought you that classic American Beauty, so we are all now officially permitted to have high expectations.

The show will debuts in May, so you have three months to brush up on your classic monster reading to prepare yourself for the sexual debauchery that they’ll have on your television screen.

Image: Showtime