Kate Upton Is Engaged To Justin Verlander & Here's What We Know About Her Athletic Man

Next to a cryptic Instagram post, showing off a blingy ring on the red carpet is the first sign that a celebrity is making moves to walk down the aisle. That's how the world first got wind of model Kate Upton's upcoming nuptials — a particularly shiny piece of rock on her finger at the 2016 Met Gala gave away her secret. E! confirmed on Monday that Upton is engaged to Justin Verlander, and while the beauty's upcoming wedding might officially crush dudes' dreams of one day sweeping the 23-year-old off of her feet, Verlander and Upton make too cute of a couple for anyone to complain. So who exactly is Upton's fiance Verlander, other than the man who stole the model's heart? If you're not a sports fan, you might not know that this guy is already famous.

I am in the "sports illiterate" category, so naturally I had to do a Google search to find out who Upton would be marrying. If Upton is known for her gorgeous body, Upton's 32-year-old fiance is known for one part of his — his pitching arm. Verlander is a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, and his girlfriend-turned-fiance is often on the sidelines at his games. In fact, Verlander was spotted throwing the model a baseball from the field at one of his games in 2014. Aww!

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Verlander is not only a cute jock boyfriend, but one that's apparently pretty talented at baseball. Even as someone who knows very, very little about baseball, I do know that a "no hitter" is a difficult feat for any pitcher, and a fairly rare one at that. Verlander already has two no hitters under his belt, so, you know, major snaps for Upton's future husband.

Another thing that makes Upton's soon-to-be hubby a catch? According to E!, he designed Upton's engagement ring. This guy is more than just brawn — he also appreciates beauty, both in his future spouse and in the jewelry she rocks.