New Jeffree Star Velour Lipsticks Are Coming

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is on a serious roll. The unstoppable brand has been teasing new products, like its Skin Frost highlighters, with increasing regularity, indicating the expansion of this beloved indie makeup company. A limited edition version of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick is on the horizon. These best-selling liquid lippies are essentially the indie brand's answer to Kylie Lip Kits. That is, they are richly pigmented, majorly matte, and are often sold out and hard to get. The Velours have inspired intense devotion and fangirl-dom. So what's the deal with the limited edition version? When will Jeffree Star Cosmetics' new Velour Liquid Lipsticks be available to shop? And what's different?

According to an Instagram post on the brand's official feed, the limited edition Velours are coming in July. JSC did not confirm an exact on-sale date at this time. All we know is that we have to wait for at least two months for the new shades, which should be sold via the Jeffree Star Cosmetics site, as it's a mainly e-commerce brand.

Here's what else we know. There will be five shades and the usual hot pink packaging will be swapped out in favor of lemon yellow boxes! While everyone can relax since the signature formula is not changing, per the Insta caption, the new shades will be watermelon-infused. That sounds perfect for summer.

Observe the JSC tease.

Lip lovers will be able to buy the five new shades separately or as part of a discounted bundle. You save money if you buy them all, which is a total "Oooh!" option. I have no idea how the watermelon infusion will impact the Velours, other than to perhaps make them smell and taste yummy?

Star, a former Myspace star turned makeup vlogger and entrepreneur, shared a mirror post on his Instagram with all the LE details. While it's cool to see revamped packaging for this launch, I want to see the actual lippie shades themselves. All in due time, since the JSC teases and reveals come with increasing frequency.

This tweet encapsulates all the feels regarding the brand in 2016. JSC continues to tease and announce new products, including Beauty Killer, which is its first-ever eyeshadow palette that lands on May 25.

See the intense devotion and passion that makeup lovers have for JSC! It's pretty sweet.

Images: Jeffree Star Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Jeffree Star/Instagram (1)