What We Know So Far About The Hijacked D.C. Bus

Tuesday morning turned violent in northeast Washington D.C. when three juveniles hijacked a D.C. metrobus shortly before 11 a.m. and drove it a short distance, causing multiple injuries. According to NBC Washington, it is unclear at what location the bus was hijacked, but it is currently stopped near a gas station in the 4200 block of Minnesota Avenue NE. Update: ABC reports that the bus is now stopped and at least one suspect is in custody. A pedestrian hit by the hijacked bus has died, according to NBC Washington.

Two injuries have been reported at this time, but more may follow. The bus driver was stabbed with a screwdriver, but is expected to recover from his injury. The three assailants then allegedly drove the bus for a few blocks, causing several accidents, including hitting and critically injuring one pedestrian in the 3800 block of J Street. It is still not clear if any passengers were on the bus.

According to the D.C. Metro Police Twitter page, one suspect is now in custody, but no additional arrests have yet been made.

According to NBC, the entire incident lasted less than three minutes — but left two injured and one person, the pedestrian hit by the hijacked bus, deceased.