17 Things To Do After You've Been Fired Or Let Go

by Dasha Fayvinova
Bonfanti Diego/Cultura/Getty Images

Speaking from personal experience — getting fired sucks. It feels like a bad breakup, multiplied by a thousand percent. Not only is it an emotional break, it's a financial one as well. Sometimes you know exactly why you got fired and sometimes it is completely out of your control. At this point in my life I cannot tell you which one is worse, but I can tell you that there are steps you can take to move on.

Instead of wallowing and being upset (which you should do in moderation), you can take proactive steps to get another job and lift yourself out of the jobless funk. Trust me. The first few days after you find out are the worst! You will keep asking yourself what you could have done better, or different. At the end of the day, you cannot change the past, but you can work hard to make a better future. I needed to get my butt out of bed and focus on something instead of pitting myself for weeks. Nothing can change unless you start making a change.

Currently, I am dealing with the aftermath of being let go from one of my jobs. I almost wish it was because of something I did — but alas, it was just a budgeting thing and being part-time made me an easy target. For three days I was in a funk. I didn't go to my weekly writer's meeting and started to cross stitch in order to channel my frustrations. Now that a week has passed, I'm starting the process of getting my life back. Looking for part time work is tough, but there is nothing impossible in this world. So instead of focusing on the negative, here is a list of things to do after you've been fired.

1. Breathe

Seriously. This one is very important. When I was told I was let go, my instant reaction was anger. Within seconds I realized that it wasn't worth feeling so upset so I just breathed. In and out. Instead of freaking out and causing a scene, I just breathed and took it in stride.

2. Take A Day Or Two To Relax

People usually get fired on Fridays so that they have the weekend to process everything. But not always — I, for instance, was fired on a Monday. If you have a chance to take a few days to relax and calm down, take them!

3.Get A Good Reference

No matter what, you want to leave any job with a good reference. Find someone there who you can use as a contact for your resume. It doesn't have to be your boss in case that relationship is soiled, but someone higher up than you that you've had a good rapport with.

4. Update Your Resume

This sounds painful, but it will be your first step to getting a new job. Update your resume, and make it sound enticing. Run it by a few people. Make sure that you are a great candidate for anyone looking to hire.

5. Treat Yourself

Be nice to yourself. This is a tough spot to be in. Treat yourself to a nice meal or a movie — something affordable, but still a break from your ordinary fare.

6. Update LinkedIn

This goes hand in hand with your resume. It's a small goal to meet, but when you are down in the dumps, doing even the smallest tasks is an accomplishment that leads to working harder.

7. Check Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure your social media presence is good. Potential jobs will be checking it out, so you want to present the best version of yourself.

8. Start To Reach Out To Business Contacts

I know it's early, and you are still feeling the sting of being fired, but you need to get back on the horse. Start reaching out to business contacts. Jobs you've applied to already, professionals who have interviewed you. Anyone. It will take a while to get the ball rolling, so just try your best to maximize your time.

9. Set Up Coffee Meetings With Friends

Getting a job is all about who you know in your industry. If you have friends working there right now, who better to ask if they have heard of any openings? They know you best, and they know you'll work hard. Use your contacts.

10. Look Over Your Alumni Network

Oh, college. You were expensive as hell, but maybe you can actually be worth it. Start to reach out to alumni in your field and set up coffee meetings with them as well.

11. Clean Your House

It is much easier to work when you have a clean work place. Since your home is now your work place, and finding a job is your new job, cleaning your house goes hand in hand with job searching.

12. Set A Schedule And Leave Your Home

Do not sit in your house all day. Getting up and going to a coffee shop to send out resumes is a great excuse to trick yourself into thinking you are working. You'll get less bummed out if you are out of the house.

13. Post On Social Media

While letting everyone of your friends and family members know about your job situation is a little annoying and humiliating, you never know who can get you some help. Reaching out to your social media circles to see if anyone is looking to hire is never a bad idea.

14. Subscribe To Every Job List You Can Think Of

All those emails will be annoying so set up a separate email account. It will be shots in the dark for days, but maybe you'll get a few interviews out of it.

15. Check Craigslist

Not my favorite placem but it can work in a pinch. Sometimes great jobs do get posted on Craigslist.

16. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Do not be too hard on yourself. This is a difficult time and you shouldn't be the person making yourself feel worse than you already do. If you don't find a job right away, don't give up. Just be yourself and keep being positive.

17. Tighten Your Belt

Start to make better choices about your finances to avoid burning through your savings. This can keep you afloat until the next job comes around. And don't worry — it may seem like it won't right now, but it will.

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