Will 'Criminal Minds' Return For Season 12? Its Fate Still Hangs In The Balance

There is nothing worse than the feeling of uncertainty, especially when it comes to the fate of a beloved TV show. Take CBS' long-running procedural drama, Criminal Minds, for example. The Season 11 finale is just hours away from debuting and yet we still don't know whether or not it will be back in the fall. Will Criminal Minds return for Season 12, or has the network decided that Season 11 will be its final swan song? These are all questions that have yet to receive answers, which means that whatever cliffhanger the finale introduces could potentially be left unresolved, giving the audience no sense of closure.

Perhaps this is meant to be the show's truest form of torture, leaving viewers in the lurch like this. (And considering the nightmarish things this series has unleashed, that's really saying something.) That's not to say that I've completely given up hope for the show's continued survival, but its lack of a renewal has certainly done nothing for my stress levels. So just on the off-chance that Criminal Minds really does have one foot out the door, let's take a look at a few other shows we can submerse ourselves into to help fill the void Reid, Hotchner & Co. will leave behind during the show's hiatus, temporary or otherwise...

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


If investigating dark and sinister cases is what you're into, then nothing compares to the crimes Olivia Benson & Co. tackle on a daily basis. And just like with Criminal Minds, some of these stories are guaranteed to give you nightmares for weeks on end.

American Horror Story


Those who don't mind their horror with a dash of supernatural undertones will love Ryan Murphy's twisted anthology series, where the compelling storylines are only outdone by the actors themselves. (If you aren't already in love with Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters, you soon will be.)



I don't usually root for serial killers, but there's just something about Dexter Morgan that weirdly makes you not want him to get captured. So if you want to delve into the mind of a morally conscious killer (and therein start having doubts about your own moral code), then this is definitely the right show for you. Plus, the opening credits are cinematic artistry at its finest.



Because you won't find a more criminal and conniving mind than that of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Every episode will leave you, um, hungry for more. (See what I did there?)

True Detective


This anthology crime drama may have hit a few snags in Season 2, but it packs a serious punch in star power and storytelling that will leave you riveted until the very end.

Suffice to say, if CBS does indeed decide to pull the plug on Criminal Minds, at least we can take heart in knowing that there are plenty of like-minded shows to hold our attention in its wake.

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