Danny Returns To ‘The Mindy Project’ & Inspires Mindy, But Not In The Way You Might Expect

Mindy's foray into online dating was a brief, but necessary, step in her romantic journey. I am so thankful for Tuesday's episode, as it both introduced a new love interest and gave us the return of an old one. Finally, after a hiatus that probably seemed longer than it was, Danny Castellano is back on The Mindy Project. Even if Danny and Mindy aren't together, and don't seem like they will be any time soon, Chris Messina adds so much to the show just by being in the room.

Danny only returned for two or three scenes — Jody's "love letter" to Mindy went to his address instead of hers and he came to confront his friend and coworker. Danny effectively scared off Jody's intentions. Thank goodness too, because I did not want to see the two of them try to date, and I officially cannot support Jody if he thinks that Sherlock and Joan would be better off as a couple on Elementary. Plus, a Southerner who's never had Mexican food? I call shenanigans.

In the elevator, Danny asked that Mindy make smart decisions. This advice may not have pointed Mindy in the direction that Danny wanted, but it did lead her to make a healthy dating choice. In lieu of depressingly dull dating apps and particularly sleazy hook-up apps (this is a comedy, so the middle ground does not exist), Mindy went directly to a bartender with whom she'd had a connection with earlier, and asked him out. She asked for what she wanted, which is a rare and brave quality.

This new beau is played by Kyle Bornheimer, who you may know recently from Playing House, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Agent Carter. I like him plenty and I'm interested in where this relationship goes, but seriously — Mindy and Danny shared about 30 seconds in an elevator together and their chemistry was as undeniable as ever. This is an important growth period for the two of them, but it's clear that they have to find their way back to each other somehow.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward, Byron Cohen/Universal Television