The New DoSomething App Makes Not Pitching In No Longer Okay

There are a lot of news stories out there that leave any compassionate reader feeling saddened and useless — and oftentimes wanting to help out. Finally, there's an app for that: the DoSomething app, for young people interested in social change. Gone are the days of being frustrated over a news article and not knowing how to pitch in; the recently launched app makes idleness inexcusable. On the app, you read news stories — the topics are endless, but include bullying, animal extinction, and the stigma around mental health — and then the DoSomething app suggests ways for you to pitch in and immediately make a difference.

For example, after reading a story headlined, "Anti-LGBT Group Sending Men Into Women's Restrooms at Target to 'Test Them,'" a DoSomething member can click "take action" and the app will suggest ways in which to do so. In this case, DoSomething recommends posting "signs to demand inclusive options for trans people." But that's not all, DoSomething holds its readers accountable, reminding them: #picsoritdidnthappen.

Yup, after taking action, the app asks users to "prove it" by uploading pictures. The "prove it" feature creates a community of social-changers focused on the same issue since readers can view "who's doing it now" and see how other members are bringing change. on YouTube

For young activists extra-enthusiastic to lend a hand in a particular field, there's a section of the app that lists "actions" by categories from "education" to "homelessness" to "discrimination" and "disasters." Under each category, DoSomething lists numerous ways in which to pitch in to address the issue at hand. Many of the actions include starting, and participating in, social media campaigns which surely brings visibility not only to the issue, but to DoSomething — a win, win situation that will attract more young activists to the app to engage in social change.

DoSomething is a nonprofit dedicated to helping kids help out, and its over 20-years-old. DoSomething offers membership to young people who carry out benevolent actions and then send proof to the organization — they're over 5 million members strong. However, the nonprofit's app is a game-changer, since it offers a new and easy way for young people to get involved — right from their smartphones.

The DoSomething app's motto is "Read the news. Change the news," and it certainly feels like a call-to-action. No longer is it acceptable to merely read a news article and be saddened, it's time to do something about it — but don't worry, the DoSomething app will be there to help you help out.

Image: DoSomething