Chase Lindsay Rosen Shares Her Morning Routine

Chase Lindsay Rosen, aka @athleisurely, is basically living my dream: leggings all day, every day. As a social media director and cheerleader for the "athleisure" movement, Chase uses her Instagram feed to serve up an expert mix of inspirational quotes ("Either you run the day, or the day runs you"), meme-worthy apparel (a shirt that reads "Lady of Leisure" ... get it?), and delicious pictures of pizza (because balance), all while wearing a dizzying array of printed pants and hoodies.

On her blog, she shows off her envy-inspiring wardrobe while sharing recipes, her latest fitness obsessions, and custom playlists to get you going. She appears to have tried every boutique fitness class in NYC, which hints at a near-endless reserve of energy. Inspired by her positive and calm attitude, we hoped to get a peek into her morning routine.

Turns out her day-to-day is pretty minimalist: as an avid yogi, she keeps things simple, from her breakfast to her beauty regimen. Above all, she's about staying healthy "from the inside out," which is a pretty good goal for anyone.

Want to learn more? In partnership with Head & Shoulders, we present the second episode of Make My Day, starring Chase Rosen.

Make My Day is a series created in partnership with Head & Shoulders. We’re spending a morning with female self-starters of all stripes, from beauty bloggers to fitness experts.