McDonald's Is Testing Garlic Fries In San Francisco & People Are Freaking Out About It

In theory, I eat a lot of green stuff. In reality, I eat, like, 50 percent green stuff and 50 percent stuff that... definitely isn't green stuff. It's a work in progress, but the progress may be up against some serious backsliding with the news that McDonald's is testing Garlic Fries. Praise be to the golden potato gods, because that is some spectacular news.

Where can you get these babies? Unfortunately, they're limited to one specific metro area, because, well, it's a test, after all. McDonald's Garlic Fries are apparently available at select San Francisco locations (giving me one more incentive to move out there, to be honest); it seems that Gilroy, Ca. — a town about 80 miles outside of the Bay Area — is known as the Garlic Capital of the World. Who knew? Well, McDonald's did. And also anyone who has seen the San Francisco Giants play at AT&T Park, where Gilroy Garlic Fries are a legendary hit.

McD's Garlic Fries are the latest in their attempt to feature more locally-influenced fare. Last year, they introduced sweet potato fries at locations throughout Texas. Those also sounded amazing, but, um, the Garlic Fries are made to order and mixed in a metal bowl. Very fancy. Like a real sit-down restaurant kind of vibe. For the curious, here's what they look like:

Unsurprisingly, people are freaking out about this new potential menu addition. As they should. Some people are totally fine with moving for them (like yours truly):

Some are perhaps reluctant, but still finding themselves swayed by the idea:

While others are just so excited they can't contain their capital letters:

Some people are even dreaming about them:

Really, though, we all just need to say yes to garlic fries...

...And then request that they spread their joy across the entire nation:

Because heck. And yes.