7 of the Most Eco-Friendly Designers of Fashion Week Fall 2014

In light of the spectacular designs and boundary-pushing ensembles of New York Fashion Week, even the most eco-friendly of us may forget the environment. If you simply can't decide between the perfect, chic ensemble and your dedication to polar bears, silk worms, and everything in between, you're in luck: Fashion Week Fall 2014 was full of designers who combine sophistication and environmental awareness. We pulled seven of the most environmentally-engaged designers from New York Fashion Week that prove stylish, eco-conscious living is within reach after all.

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Created in 2008 and officially launched in 2009, Suno’s eco line was created to bolster the Kenyan economy after a series of violent outbreaks, and introduce vivid, playful prints and silhouettes to the global consumer. Co-founders Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty give New York Fashion Week attendees a vibrant show every year, only made more phenomenal by the fact that the designs are produced in Africa, Peru, and India by skilled locals. Recycled materials and sustainable factories in Kenya make the brand environmentally friendly.

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Now under the LVMH umbrella, EDUN was the 2005 brainchild of Bono and Ali Hewson, and has given fashionistas their fix of luxe, edgy eco-chic designs ever since. Produced in Africa, organic cotton and other raw materials make EDUN both kind to the environment and effortlessly fashionable. Fall 2014 has comfort in mind, with soft sweaters and cozy dresses ruling the runway.

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M. Patmos

Founded in 2011, M. Patmos by Marcia Patmos is a line for those who have an unapologetic attachment to their sweaters. Eco-friendly pieces abound in each collection, and the designers favor natural materials like cotton, silk, and linen with the occasional alpaca addition.

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You may know the line for its latest Star Wars-themed collection, but the Natalie Portman favorite is so much more than Jedi’s and Yoda. The Mulleavy sisters are meticulous about sticking to environmentally-friendly designs, from using non-toxic dyes, to reducing waste by encouraging handmade production and recycling.

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Organic by John Patrick

Organic is the name of this eco clothing line, and John Patrick has the environment in mind when creating his elegant line. Patrick created the first organic oxford cotton shirt, and uses only organic, natural or recycled materials such as Vermont Wool and Amazonian Jungle Cotton in his designs. Neutral tones and NASA were the watchwords at Patrick’s Fall 2014 presentation, where tonal ensembles looked perfectly modern and sporty.

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Donna Karan

Donna Karan herself is a particularly eco- and socially-conscious individual, so that her designs reflect her personal attitude is to be expected. Karan most called industry leaders to join her in the quest for a “Soulful Economy” with her new Urban Zen market space, emphasizing mindful consumerism by showcasing goods made of recycled or repurposed materials, often handmade by artisans from locations across the globe.

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Stella McCartney

We know she’s a London-based designer, but Stella McCartney’s influential eco-conscious attitude is so essential to the fashion industry that we simply couldn’t leave her out. McCartney’s company motto makes her commitment clear, stating ”We are always exploring new and innovative ways to become more sustainable.” The brand’s 2012 Sustainability Summary outlines its commitment to organizations including the Ethical Trading Initiative, designed to give laborers across the globe better working conditions, and prides itself on using renewable energy to power production in England.

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