Bernie Sanders Shows A Renewed Strength In The Face Of Ted Cruz's Defeat

We're down to one presumptive nominee for the Republican ticket for president in November, but on the Democratic side, those who are Feeling the Bern shouldn't feel disillusioned just yet. Shortly after Ted Cruz dropped out, Bernie Sanders told the Associated Press, "I know that the Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They're wrong."

In his Indiana victory speech, Donald Trump entirely ignored the presence of John Kasich, saying that he was looking forward to beating Hillary Clinton — the presumptive Democratic nominee — come November. Unbelievably, Donald Trump being the Republican nominee is actually more likely than Clinton being the Democratic nominee at this point; that said, it's likely that Clinton will be the one debating Trump come the September debates.

Sanders and many of his supporters haven't given up, however, especially given his victory in Indiana.

There are technically four candidates left in the race, but almost every political observer has whittled it down to two presumptive frontrunners: Trump, of course, and Clinton. Now that it's fairly certain that Trump will be the GOP nominee facing his Democratic counterpart, however, Sanders may be able to use this to his advantage.

For example, both Clinton and Trump have had a difficult time establishing a relationship with millennial voters and young female voters. Sanders, by comparison, has swept them up. If Sanders is able to suggest to voters that Clinton and Trump — both wealthy, elite, and distrusted — are similar, and Sanders remains the anti-establishment candidate, he may be able to sweep up votes in the run-up to the final primaries in June.

John Sommers II/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's possible — but it's unlikely. Based on the delegate math that's shaken out following the primaries and caucuses so far, Sanders would have to win the remaining primaries and caucuses by a landslide to stand a chance against Clinton.

That said, it's likely that Sanders is celebrating the deduction of Cruz from the race.