#EventuallyTrump Takes Over Twitter

It usually doesn't take long for Twitter to become flooded after a major event, especially when it involves the social network's biggest user, Donald Trump. That's exactly what happened after he won the Indiana primary, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, and Trump was left with a nearly clear path to becoming the GOP presidential nominee. In almost no time, #EventuallyTrump started trending, and it was essentially the Twitter version of the Trump Train.

In early April, the "Never Trump" movement emerged. It's a surprisingly bipartisan strategy to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee. That's how seriously people have been taking the possibility of a Trump presidency. Although #NeverTrump gained momentum and seemed promising for a while, now that the Republican committee chairman has called Trump the "presumptive GOP nominee," it seems it can only get worse from here ... except for Trump supporters.

Those people quickly rejoiced, using #EventuallyTrump on Twitter after the Indiana primary to celebrate their favorite candidate's success. It became a sort of tongue-in-cheek response to the short-lived #NeverTrump, and it's safe to say that Trump's supporters were loving every minute of the post-primary Twitter celebration.

Although Trump's reaction to Cruz suspending his campaign was surprisingly pleasant, his supporters took to Twitter to spread the pro-Trump message and encourage others to join the Trump Train. The hashtag was used proudly as supporters responded to news of Cruz's campaign suspension with #EventuallyTrump:

The movement toward accepting Trump as the nominee and, as his supporters hope, the next POTUS, gained a lot of traction on Twitter after the Indiana primary. #EventuallyTrump quickly replaced #NeverTrump and, of course, #NeverCruz and #NeverHillary.

But what would a Trump celebration be without a few trolls? Not long after the hashtag started trending, anti-Trump people started infiltrating the party with some hilarious #EventuallyTrump contributions.

Trump didn't used the hashtag himself after the primary, maybe because his loyal supporters were immediately on it, or maybe because he wanted to continue his #MakeAmericaGreatAgain streak. Whatever the case, #EventuallyTrump became the easiest way for supporters to rejoice after the Indiana primary and to try to convince others to join the Trump Train, now that he's the likely GOP nominee.