People Are Demanding John Kasich Drop Out

Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign Tuesday night following yet another loss in the Indiana primary, effectively making Donald Trump the GOP's presumptive nominee. However, John Kasich refuses to throw in the towel and continues to hang around, a little like the relative who stays at family gatherings hours after everyone else has gone home. With just 153 delegates, there's absolutely no way he can steal the nomination from Trump without a contested convention, which is unlikely to happen with Cruz out of the running. Most of America has realized the impossibility of his campaign, and these tweets strongly suggest that Kasich needs to drop out already.

The Ohio governor's campaign sent an e-mail to supporters about Cruz's suspended campaign, assuring them that Kasich wasn't going anywhere. "Sen. Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race and it's up to us to stop Trump and unify our party in time to defeat Hillary Clinton," Kasich campaign manager Ben Hansen wrote. The campaign is holding out hope for a contested convention, but a Trump-Kasich race opens up the opportunity for Trump to acquire the necessary 1,237 before July.

These 14 tweets make crystal-clear that Kasich, let's face it, needs to speed up the inevitable and withdraw from the 2016 Republican primary.

On Delusions

On Being A Nuisance

On Remaining In Fourth

On Delegates

On Always Being There

On Losing Yourself

On The Chaos

On Upcoming Primaries

On Never Leaving

On Sad Looks

On His Faint Presence

On Being A Laughing Stock

On A Lingering Sickness

On Ignoring Him

C'mon, Kasich — it's time to end it.