'Big Brother's GinaMarie Zimmerman Hangs With a 'Princesses: Long Island' Cast Member

Wanna know what Big Brother's resident racist GinaMarie Zimmerman was doing before dropping N-bombs on reality TV? She was hanging out with a cast member from Princesses: Long Island, of course. Reality Tea points out that Zimmerman is the buxom blonde in the red dress modeling Amanda Bertoncini's one-of-a-kind invention, the Drink Hanky, in an oh-so classy ad.

Zimmerman's bio says she's from Brooklyn and lives on Staten Island, both locations but a stone's throw from Bertonicini's Long Island abode. Their proximity makes us assume that these two are friends from home, because, well, there's no way that Bertoncini was ever in the pageant scene, right?

Drink Hanky confirmed on Twitter (yes, Drink Hanky is on Twitter) that it is, in fact, Zimmerman in the ad. Actually, not only did they confirm it, but they were enthusiastic about it, too. It's unclear why they're so thrilled to be associated with someone who's being painted as one of the most bigoted, racist, and evil people ever to go on TV, but something tells us it has to do with the fact that Drink Hanky's Bertoncini doesn't know any better.

After all, she disrespected a 9/11 memorial during one of her epic Drink Hanky photo shoots, not to mention the fact that she thinks selling leopard-print pockets in which people hold their drinks is a good idea. Clearly, her judgement cannot be trusted.

Hmm. Maybe Bertoncini and Zimmerman are a match made in inappropriate, blasphemous heaven. Quick. Someone give them their own reality show.