'Modern Family's Next Trip Will Be Its Best

Fans of Modern Family will be excited to know that the show's famous destination episode will be filmed in Australia. The cast recently arrived in Sydney and will spend the next two weeks filming in locations like the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, the Harbour Bridge, and the Whitsunday Islands. Despite the fact that it takes practically an entire day to get there, thereby inducing what is probably the worst case of jet lag known to man, here are seven reasons why we think Australia's the perfect backdrop for Modern Family's holiday episode:

  1. We all know how hilarious it is to hear Gloria's various mispronunciations of English words, but I'm sure her interpretations of Aussie slang will be nothing short of classic.
  2. Australia is a way more exotic location that the past holiday episodes. In fact, this will be the show's first time shooting outside the U.S. The other signature destination episodes were filmed in Wyoming and Hawaii.
  3. The trip's being sponsored by Australia. Well, sort of. Reportedly, the show's mass appeal prompted the Australian airline Qantas and the Queensland government’s tourism and events organization to provide some financial backing for the episode's production. Why turn down an offer from a country agreeing to host and pay for a portion of your stay?
  4. We'll find out more about Phil Dunphy's supposed Australian roots, something I am wishing and hoping upon a Hollywood star is even remotely related to Crocodile Dundee. Looks like I might get my wish as Dunphy has already been blessed with the nickname "Crocodile Dunphy."
  5. Anyone who's a fan of the show will recall that Cam isn't exactly shy, as is evidenced by his unabashed wearing of bike shorts. Surely, the producers won't leave out another opportunity for a blurry onscreen appearance of his man-parts. Once the cast hits the Great Barrier Reef, I definitely foresee a scene involving Cam snorkeling while wearing a blurry speedo.
  6. Since their adoption of a baby from Mexico fell through, perhaps Cam and Mitchell will find better luck in Australia.
  7. Finally, the obvious — kangaroos. If there is even one scene involving someone and a kangaroo, my status as a lifetime fan of Modern Family will be official.

Image: ABC