Heidi and Seal Forever, Apparently

Please play "Kiss From a Rose" at full volume while you read the rumor that Heidi Klum and Seal are back together. The couple that was together for seven years (and renewed their vows every single year because love exists for some people, I guess) divorced in 2012. Since, Klum was dating her bodyguard Martin Kristen until the end of January when she dumped him for what we're hoping is her one true love Seal. The couple has four children, and we all know Klum is the most irritatingly put-together mom of all time since she's been pregnant for most seasons of Project Runway.

CelebrityFix said Klum and Seal got back together after a "string of sleepovers." What kind of pajamas does Heidi Klum wear to a slumber party? They'd been seeing a lot of each other still for the past two years for the sake of their children, who are reportedly very happy that mom and dad are back together (sigh, the sweetness is giving me a cavity).

It's not all nice, though: Heidi paid Kristen a settlement of six figures because that's the kind of ice-cold heartbreaker that Klum can afford to be. Also sad news that we hope is not true: Kristen was going to propose to Klum on Valentine's Day before she defected back to Seal-world. Ah, well! Hearts will mend! Ours are happy that Klum and Seal are together again.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

True. Love.