Kylie Jenner Just Released A New Lip Kit Shade

I pretty much spend my life just waiting to see what this girl is going to do next. So, of course, when she announces a new lip shade, I freak out (along with the rest of the world). Find out when the "Exposed" Kylie Lip Kit is coming out because this will make all of your barely there lip dreams come true.

She announced the new nude shade via social media, posting swatch after swatch of the latest lippie to join the Lip Kit family. Despite the fact that it is in the same color family as some of her other products, you really can tell a difference between this tan colored hue and the others. Leave it to Jenner to go and create neutral shades that we didn't even know existed. If you're looking for yet another way to rock a minimalistic lip look, she's just made it possible for you do to just that.

Exact details about when this shade will be available to shop haven't been released just yet, but she did announce via Instagram that it would be "coming soon." So, could it be available by the next restock launch? Honestly, I would be surprised if it were, knowing Kylie.

Enough blabbing already. Let's stare at this gorgeous color some more, shall we?

There it is, in all its glory.

This is what it looks like in a camera's flash. Always good to know.

Compared to Candy and Koko, it's much less pink.

But, it's not quite as dark as Dolce.

I'm officially in love with this subtle shade.

I can't wait to rock a little #Exposed in the daytime.

And here she is perfectly matching it to her outfit. She posted this a week ago with no mention of this new lippie. Sneaky, very sneaky.

When it comes to lippies, clever marketing and creating a frenzy, Jenner's the best in the biz.