Of Course Donald Trump Taco Bowl Memes Are Here

A normal presidential candidate would certainly be stopped by his aides from posting an image to social media that reads "I love Hispanics!" In fact, a normal presidential candidate, let alone a presumptive nominee, probably wouldn't be caught dead in Trump Tower at all, let alone pandering (badly) using a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo. Lest you forget, this man is not your normal presidential candidate/presumptive nominee/embodiment of the GOP's living nightmare. The Donald Trump taco bowl memes have been pouring in, and they're the only bright side to this nightmare.*

*Unless you're Hillary Clinton. In that case, there's one distinct bright side to this nightmare: You're almost certainly going to be living in the White House again by January.

The only event that overshadowed #TacoBowlGate was, of course, Paul Ryan refusing to endorse Donald Trump in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper on Thursday. Paul noted that he wasn't speaking for the party, but simply himself. However, Paul Ryan is House Speaker. He literally speaks for the House, and when he says that he's not ready to endorse Trump until he sees evidence of more "presidential" behavior, you better believe the House is eternally relieved that it doesn't have to pander to Trump the way that Trump offensively tried to Pander to the Hispanic population of the United States earlier.

Anyway, here's some of that bright side we spoke about earlier.

Oh, and that's not all.

Have we hit Peak Trump? Honestly... probably not. Stay tuned.