12 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For 2016 That Are Cute And Personal

While the common thought is that your wedding day is all about you, I beg to differ. There are a lot of people who help to put in the time, money, and effort to make your day great, and your girls are some of the most important ones, which is why you ought to think long and hard about bridesmaid gift ideas. After all, you probably put a good amount of thought into deciding who would be standing beside you on this all-important day, so now it's time to think long and hard about what to get them.

Being a bridesmaid is hard work. It's wonderful and meaningful, of course, but that doesn't stop the dress, bachelorette party, and travel expenses from racking up quickly. Instead of getting your bridesmaids presents that you know they'll never use, take a moment to actually think through what kind of gift would be useful for them long after you've walked down the aisle.

On that same note, your gift should be personalized. It should be something that reminds them of your wedding day, and their special role of being a bridesmaid. It can be a tricky combination, but I think these 12 gifts below hit the nail on the head. Take a look.

1. Personalized Champagne Flutes

Drink up, ladies.

Personalized Champagne Flutes, $15, DeighanDesign/Etsy

2. Personalized Compact Mirror

Because she's going to need something to check her lipstick with during the reception.

Personalized Compact Mirror, $14, AllAboutYouCreations/Etsy

3. Bridesmaid Ring Dish

So lovely.

Bridesmaid Ring Dish, $12, SayYourPiece/Etsy

4. Initial Bar Necklace

Make things personalized. I cannot say it enough. This necklace can.

Initial Bar Necklace, $12.93, PoiseJewellers/Etsy

5. Bridesmaid Soy Candle

What's better than a soy candle? Not much, you guys. Not much.

Bridesmaid Soy Candle, $14.99, VintageCreated/Etsy

6. Bridesmaid Gift Box

It's not possible to box up your love for her... but you can try, right?

Bridesmaid Gift Box, $28, CraftBoxDIYtoGo/Etsy

7. Knot Earrings

Simple, sweet, and exactly what your bridesmaids want.

Knot Earrings, $22, DeighanDesign/Etsy

8. Monogrammed Clutch

A girl can never have too many clutches, especially if she's a bridesmaid.

Monogrammed Clutch, $27.60, boRann/Etsy

9. Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Mask

So your besties can get their beauty sleep before the big day. (And hasn't everyone secretly wanted one of these since Audrey Hepburn donned it?)

Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Mask, $14, GoiaBoutique/Etsy

10. Bridesmaid Mug

She's a gem in your eyes, right?

Bridesmaid Mug, $26, ArtRosePrints/Etsy

11. Bridesmaid Gift Hair Ties

On a tight budget? They'll understand... and this is so cute.

Bridesmaid Gift Hair Ties, $3, LoveMiaCo/Etsy

12. Personalized Name Floral Banner Tote Bag

Fill it with goodies and hand it to her on your big day... you can't go wrong.

Personalized Name Floral Banner Tote Bag, $22.99, RubyRidgeStudios/Etsy