Jason Biggs & Jenny Mollen Have A Baby Boy & We Know Because She Uploaded Videos

These days a lot of people use Instagram for birth announcements because you can actually see the baby for proof! But then there's the people who take a more creative approach. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen welcomed a baby boy on Feb. 15 and Mollen spread the news by uploading multiple videos of herself in labor. There are five in total including one of her in the car on the way to the hospital and one of her being pushed around on a stretcher. It's definitely an in depth way to announce that your child has been born, but it's not that surprising if you consider how open these two have been about Mollen's pregnancy the entire time.

Mollen Instagrammed her ultrasound back in July with the caption, "My new assistant is so f***ing lazy!" That same day, Biggs was a guest on Chelsea Lately and told the talk show host, "Her breasts are very big these days. Would you like to know why? Cause I put a baby in her belly!" He then pointed to his crotch and said, "It works!"

One of the best things Mollen posted during her pregnancy was a picture of North West with the caption, "Wow, can't believe it finally happened. #babybiggs #blessed."

I'm guessing the funny —and arguably oversharing — posts will continue now that the baby is around. If Mollen was down with posting videos of her labor, she'll likely be fine with posting videos of #babybiggs in action. After all, he already has his own hashtag!