Young adult author Judy Blume, the woman who taught so many of us about love and sex and growing up, is now on Tumblr. Hopefully this means she'll be able to impact and influence a whole new generation of teens. She joins a growing list of authors who use Tumblr to engage with fans, update readers on their progress, and share GIFs or fan art of their books.

The bestselling novelist introduced her brand new Tumblr in a brief post:

Hi, I'm Judy Blume and this is my first "Tumble."
I'm getting excited about the paperback edition of In The Unlikely Event coming May 3rd. I'll tell you stories about writing the book — of what's real and what isn't — and I'll share more about the '50s than you ever wanted to know, including a playlist!
So tune in for images and music, all coming here soon.

In The Unlikely Event tells the story of the worst year in Miri's life. When she was 15 years old and in love for the first time, a series of airplanes crashed in her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey. These airplane crashes have a profound impact on Miri, her mother, her uncle, and her grandmother — as well as the New Jersey community, who attribute the quick succession of plane crashes to communists, aliens... anything except the truth.

Shockingly, the three plane crashes are entirely real, though Miri's story is fictional. In the early 1950s, Elizabeth earned the dubious nickname "Plane Crash City" when three real-life crashes occurred. Judy Blume, an Elizabeth native, experienced it all firsthand.

In The Unlikely Event is now available in paperback.