This Proposal Is Mind-Blowingly Cool

by Eliza Castile

Future people-who-propose (proposers?), I wish you all the luck in the world — not just because you deserve it, but because you'll need it if you're trying to top the living mural proposal assisted by Alexa Meade. The San Francisco-based artist makes a living painting real people to look like 2D works of art, and the results are exactly as awesome as they sound: Her works look like traditional pop-art figure paintings, right up until the models blink or tilt their head. They get their fair share of online attention in the first place, but one of her more recent works is going viral for its role in a couple's engagement.

According to the Huffington Post, Meade's high school friend Dan Levine enlisted her help to propose last month in San Francisco. Levine told his girlfriend, Cristina Cordova, that Meade wanted to photograph the couple as black-and-white street art; although that was true, he neglected to mention that he had bigger plans for the shoot. On April 24, Meade painted the couple with acrylics and shot them in various locations around the city. Unsurprisingly, Meade told Good Morning America that her subjects attracted a number of onlookers by the time they reached the end of the shoot, a mostly-blank wall reading, "New mural soon."

Here's where the warm and fuzzies are guaranteed to start: Meade asked Cordova to stand up while Levine remained kneeling on the ground. He produced a ring and waited for Cordova to notice, which (fortunately) didn't take too long.

In the video, Cordova starts giggling and says, "I knew you would do it!" Finally, the couple celebrates adorably while the crowd of friends and onlookers cheers in the background. If viral proposals were awarded high school superlatives, this one would definitely get Most Artistic.

To check out more of Alexa Meade's work, head over to her website and her Facebook — but prepare yourself, you might lose hours clicking through her portfolio. Check out the living mural proposal below:

Image: Alexa Meade/YouTube