The Blac Chyna & Rob K. Baby Tweets Are Rolling In

Major news out of the Kardashian Kingdom: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are expecting a baby. On Friday, the newly affianced couple made the announcement in a very 2k16 way: They hopped on Instagram and shared an illustration of a pregnant Chyna. And just in case there was any konfusion about what the Kimoji-esque rendering meant, both Kardashian and Chyna were sure to include a baby emoji in the photo captions. Now, if you thought the internet had some feelings about Harry Styles’s haircut, buckle up your world wide web seatbelt for the tweets and memes about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s pregnancy news.

Before we get into the memes and the GIFs and the emoji and the what-have-you, let me say this: I am not here for any flat-out mean and sexist tweets. Those are not my bag. So, uh, you won't be seeing any cruel snarky jokes here. Let's keep it all in good fun, let's not be rude, let's keep it kelebratory, etcetera.

Here are a few choice tweets that made gave me a good khuckle. (Oh, man. "Khuckle" does not roll off the tongue. Note to self: never throw a Kardashian k at the front of "chuckle" again.)

Kris Got The Mr. Krabs Treatment


Come On, Mr. President

It's big news!

Even The Puppets Have Strong Feelings


The News Has Made It To Hogwarts

The student body is kelebrating accordingly.

Sorry, Brodinator

...Is it OK if I call you Brodinator?

It Has Been A Wild Day


Always Love A Good JPS Shout-Out

Also, always love a good Arthur George shout-out.

What's Family If It Isn't A Little Bit Complicated, Am I Right?


Kasterly Rock

Forget the Iron Throne. It's all about the Black Lacquered Throne.

Ugh, Some People Have All The Luck

Someone is having the best day ever.


It me.

Same Part 2

It me part 2.

All Joking Aside

I can get behind that hot take.

Wait A Second...

Don't toy with me like that.

Kongratulations to Chyna and Rob!