This 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Is Interesting

Vanderpump Rules is arguably the best television show to have ever aired on Bravo. It's a glorious, soapy melodrama that fills the California-sized hole in my heart that was left when Laguna Beach and The Hills wrapped. I'm the kind of fan with serious opinions about the magic of newbie Lala Kent, the very candid relationship Lisa Vanderpump has with her staff, and why Stassi deserves a second chance. But one of my favorite parts of Vanderpump Rules has always been the friendship between Jax and Tom Sandoval. When it comes to Jax's bromances, the one he shares with Sandoval and Tom Schwartz is a thing of beauty. So the fact that Jax and Tom are at the 2016 Kentucky Derby warms my heart, because I don't know where they stand right now.

It's safe to say that the relationship between Jax and Sandoval was under fire during Season 4. Accused of actively separating themselves from the group while asserting their status as the "top couple," Sandoval and Ariana found themselves questioning the loyalty of their friends. Trust issues formed quickly, with things reaching peak tension when Jax aired his annoyance with Sandoval. Jax made it known he felt threatened at Sandoval asserting dominance; in one particularly tense and memorable moment, Jax stated that he was the alpha of the group.

They didn't share much interaction during the reunion, leaving audiences to wonder whether they had truly mended fences or if it was all for the cameras. So, imagine my surprise and relief when I stumbled across this perfect pic from Brittany's (Jax's girlfriend) Instagram:

I mean, how great does this foursome look? I won't even get started on how gorgeous Ariana and Brittany both look. All I care about is those smiling faces. I suppose I can finally stop worrying whether one of my favorite dynamic duos from Vanderpump Rules is still feuding; honestly, I would have been pretty sad if petty jealousy had broken Sandoval and Jax for good. Luckily, there's no better way to reunite and chill than at the Kentucky Derby.

Hopefully they're sipping on enough mint juleps to keep the good vibes flowing while they take a vacation from the craziness of SUR. The only thing I need to know now is: Where are the other photos and videos of the fun behind-the-scenes action? C'mon, guys, I know you have those lying around somewhere.