Amy Schumer's Book Cover Is Very Revealing

Amy Schumer has a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline, but one of the most intriguing (to reading enthusiasts like me, anyway) is her upcoming book. While we're still months away from The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo's Aug. 16 release, light is starting to appear at the end of the tunnel. In fact, Schumer finally revealed the cover in a tweet today, and it seems to have hinted at what we can expect from the comedian's debut book.

We've all been waiting as patiently as we can since she landed her massive book deal back in September, so any developments are welcome. The cover image shows Schumer looking over her shoulder, with her naked back on display. To me, the fact that the comedian is topless is very telling; her literal nakedness could indicate that she strips herself bare in her writing as well.

If you think I'm overreaching here, consider this: The titular tattoo isn't even shown in the photo. (Strange, right?) Showing off the tatt in question didn't require any nudity, because we can't even see it at all. You can say Schumer just wanted to be provocative if you want, but I maintain that the meaning is deeper.

Schumer has never been afraid to go to places others would shy away from, and there's no reason to believe The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo will be any different. Publisher Simon & Schuster describes the upcoming book as "a thoughtful, honest, and hysterical collection of (very) personal essays." We'll get to see more of the comedian, from her "often raucous childhood antics" (of course she was a crazy kid) to her immensely successful career. It should be a wild ride come August, but in the meantime, we can occupy ourselves with still more comedic books.