Is Selena Gomez's Song "Feel Me" About Justin Bieber? The New Tune Is Very Mysterious — LISTEN

The storied on-and-off again romance between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has been chronicled all too frequently, both in tabloids and, occasionally, in the respective artists' own music. Yet while it seemed for awhile that the duo had called things quits for good, it sounds like their story has one more chapter, in the form of Gomez's new single, "Feel Me." And while it's unknown for sure if Gomez's "Feel Me" is about Bieber, it very well could be, based on the lyrics.

The powerful new song was debuted in May, during the first night of Gomez's Revival tour in Las Vegas, according to Us Weekly. The tune's lyrics talk about an ended relationship, and the yearning for a former love. Could that love be Bieber? Let's take a look at the evidence. "Feel Me" is a moody dance-inspired track in the vein of Gomez's single "Good For You," and based on a video from the concert from YouTube channel Carlos Knows, Gomez performs the song with a backdrop of blue clouds. According to Hollywood Life, the following lyrics start off "Feel Me."

No one loves you like I love you(I never cheated, never lied)I never put no one above youI gave you space and time(And now you’re telling me you miss me)And I’m still on your mindWe were one in a millionOur love is hard to find

When I first read/heard these words, I immediately thought of Bieber's own recent songs that have been speculated to be directed at Gomez, notably "Love Yourself." The above lyrics look like they could be a kind of damage control for rumors about lying and cheating. The "now you're telling me you miss me" lyric sounds a lot like Bieber's "you still hit my phone up" line/diss in "Love Yourself." Gomez also admits that her love with this mystery person was special, and I think that can apply to Gomez and Bieber, who started dating back when they were teenagers in 2011.

The chorus begins with the following lyrics:

Every time your lips touch anotherI want you to feel me, I want you to feel meEvery time you dance with somebodyI want you to feel me, I want you to feel me

The singer clearly does not want to be forgotten by her former love, and it even sounds like there are still some feelings there. Back in March, Bieber posted a throwback photo of himself and Gomez kissing with the caption, "Feels." And Gomez reportedly approved, allegedly commenting on the photo with one word: "Perfect."

Sure, it's easy to assume that the new music by two artists who were once in love could be based on that former relationship, but in this case, I think there's been a lot of back and forth between Gomez and Bieber in their respective lyrics and releases over the past few years. Gomez declared her heartbreak from the split in 2014's somber single "The Heart Wants What It Wants." Bieber released his crooning comeback last year in the smash hit dance tune "Where Are U Now?" with Diplo and Skrillex, a collab about a lover who didn't stand by the singer during hard times.

But then Gomez's next two singles from Revival were "Good For You" and "Hands To Myself," both sexy tracks that seemed to be aimed at new loves. That didn't mean it was all over, though. Bieber's next singles from his 2015 album Purpose were "What Do You Mean?" which was about mixed signals, and "Love Yourself," a song in which he tells off a former lover.

Carlos Knows Vlogs on YouTube

Watch/listen to the song above and decide for yourself.