Did These 'Southern Charm' Co-stars Hook Up?

Truth be told, there isn’t a lot of romantic drama on Southern Charm. Cameran is married, Craig is wifed up with Naomi, and Thomas and Kathryn just fight all the time, regardless of their relationship status. It seems that Whitney even has a girlfriend. The only “will-they-or-won’t-they” duo left in the group is Landon and Shep. These two are friends, sure, but there's just something about them that has me constantly wondering if Landon and Shep from Southern Charm have ever hooked up.

After all, Landon came into the world of Southern Charm in Season 2 by way of Shep. You see, the two of them met while at the College of Charleston and have been besties ever since their undergrad days. After college, Landon went off to Los Angeles and married her now ex-husband, James Maby (she also appeared on The Hills for like 30 seconds). Obviously, Shep and Landon didn’t date during this time — she was on a different coast and, um, she was married to another man. Now that both are back on the same coast — nay, in the same city — they should totally be dating, right? Unfortunately for Shepdon ‘shippers like myself, both Shep and Landon have maintained on the show that they have never once hooked up, dated, or did anything romantic together whatsoever.

I personally hope that Shep and Landon doth protest too much. Nothing brings out the conspiracy theorist in me like two people adamantly telling everyone that nothing romantic ever happened between them. (Either that, or I just watch too much Vanderpump Rules.) With that in mind, here are all the reasons I'm going to continue to 'ship it, no matter what Shep & Landon say.

Their Body Language

Don’t these two look like they’re dating... or at least like they should be dating? I have platonic male friends, but I don’t hold them or hug them like that. I am not a body language expert or anything, but come on. Shep and Landon just look like a couple here.

Their Adventures

Part of being a couple is experiencing new things together, and Shep and Landon always seem to be jetting off somewhere, from the Bravo red carpet in New York City to waiting for the waves from Hurricane Joaquin, as seen in the photo above. Pounding the surf or pounding the pavement, Shep and Landon look like they have a lot of fun together, don’t they?

This Look

You guys. Seriously? Look at how they’re gazing into each other’s eyes in this photo. Do you look at your friends like that? I’m not even sure I look at my boyfriend like that and we’ve been together for years. If that’s not the look of love, I don’t know what is.

Andy Cohen Would Love It

There’s no way in this universe that Shep and Landon being together is not an Andy Cohen-approved concept. Firstly, it would be great for ratings of Southern Charm if these two were together, and secondly, I bet that Andy believes in true love just as much as I do. Shep and Landon could be the friends-to-lovers storyline that Southern Charm needs.