Hillary Clinton's Sweet Tribute On Mother's Day

Every person has a unique way of celebrating Mother's Day. Whether it is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a meaningful card, chocolate "for days," or a tribute in the form of a social media post, people seem to become thoughtful for the day in taking the time to commemorate their mothers' lives and sacrifices. Likewise, presidential candidates — as tough of a fight they are waging in these months prior to the national conventions — have similar thoughts for their own mothers and the mothers they love, like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's terribly sweet online tribute to her mother and daughter.

Clinton took to Twitter to publicly praise Chelsea, her daughter and mother to her granddaughter (and first grandchild), Charlotte. Chelsea Clinton has spent many days on the road campaigning for her mother, despite her work in philanthropy and her parenting duties to young Charlotte. That is true dedication to family, and it shows that Chelsea and Hillary share a close mother-daughter bond. Hillary commended her daughter, calling her "wonderful," and posting a picture of the pair together when Chelsea was just a toddler.

Some hours later, Hillary posted to her Twitter account that, "It's only been an incredible gift" to become a grandmother for the first time and watch Chelsea become a mother.

In addition to her tribute to Chelsea, Hillary Clinton discussed her own mother in a video post accompanied by a quotation on the Rodham matriarch's dedication to her children: "She was determined to give me and my brothers opportunities far beyond anything she'd known."

She also tweeted an article by Samira Baird written for her campaign website that both succinctly and eloquently sums up the role her late mother, Dorothy, played in her life's path. According to this article, no person was a bigger inspiration to Clinton. The writer quotes her in the first few paragraphs, saying, "The earliest inspiration, and really still today my guiding light, was my mother. ... She believed in me, encouraged me, set high standards for me. That lit a spark."

As a woman who was abandoned by her own parents, she did her best to provide a stable life in Chicago for Clinton and her brothers. The most crucially important message in this entire letter is one of compassion. Clinton is again quoted regarding Dorothy: "I asked my mother how she emerged from this lonely early life as such a loving and levelheaded woman. I’ll never forget how she replied: 'At critical points in my life, somebody showed me kindness.'"

Kindness comprises so very much of good parenting, and it is clear Clinton is passing this message of kindness on from her mother to her daughter and granddaughter — on Mother's Day and beyond.