Which 'Voice' Judge Just Called it Quits?

Sorry, but he's officially saying "Forget You." CeeLo Green is quitting The Voice . The Grammy Award-winning singer and former judge on NBC's hit show told Ellen DeGeneres that we will not be seeing him again in one of those big red chairs — a chair he sat in for four seasons on the popular talent search show. "I'm not coming back, guys," he told DeGeneres.

But, there is even more surprising news from the eclectic artist — he is in talks with NBC to develop his own show. "I’m going to continue my relationship with NBC. I have a television show development deal with them as well and hopefully some other talk show opportunities for later in the year."

Say huh?

We have to admit — we never really pegged Green as a talk show host, but he might just surprise us. After all, with his interesting outfit choices, iconic voice, and affinity for cats, we have never been bored watching him do his thing on television. Even if these new ventures don't work out, Green admitted to DeGeneres that his new album is almost done. While we're waiting for that to drop and for this alleged show to premiere, we can spend some time predicting what kind of project Green might have up his sleeve— and whether or not it's actually the best idea. Here are some hypotheses:

1. A CeeLo Green Talent Search

Well, we know that Green can do a talent search. After all, he spent four seasons on The Voice and is a multi Grammy-Award winning recording artist. He knows music and he knows talent. The question is — do we really need another talent search on television competing with The Voice, American Idol, and America's Got Talent? No.

Grade: D+

2. A CeeLo Green Daytime Talk Show

We can see it now. Green sitting on a couch with a cat and his shades, asking the newest Real Housewife of Atlanta star to explain her latest brawl with her plastic surgeon. While the image is pretty great, we don't think a daytime talk show would do him any good. It would be fun for a short bit and then it would be alarmingly clear how out of his element a daytime talk show would be for him.

Grade: C+

3. A CeeLo Green Soap Opera

Green would be perfect on a soap opera. They are dramatic and fun, a perfect spot for him to settle into on NBC. If only soap operas weren't on their way out. As of late, the three major networks have seriously downsized on their soap opera programming, so this might not be a good time for him to take a left turn in his career.

Grade: C-

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

4. A CeeLo Green Game Show

Now, we're talking. With a personality and a presence as big as his, he needs something where he can tap into his creative side. A game show would be the perfect outlet for him to entertain audiences with his wild shenanigans. Green doesn't take himself too seriously and a game show wouldn't, either. We just hope the game show isn't corny. Ahem, Family Fued.

Grade: A+

5. A CeeLo Green Scripted Show

He's actually already tried his hand at acting. He had a bit part in Sparkle and has popped up on a couple of television shows, but nothing major as of yet. If the right part comes along, Green might really hit his stride on a scripted television show. We know he has star quality — it's just a matter of script. And the co-starring cats.

Grade: B+

6. A CeeLo Green Political Punditry Show

This might be the most brilliant idea in the world. Who better than Green to deliver biting commentary on national and international affairs? Slap him on MSNBC, give the guy a teleprompter, and let's see where this ride will take us.Grade: F for Flawless.