7 Bicycle Accessories For National Bike Month You Need To Cruise In Style

May marks the 60th National Bike Month, which is perfect because the warmer temperatures and blooming springtime flowers are basically inviting you outside to experience the world on two wheels instead of your usual four. But after the long, gloomy winter, your bike might need a little TLC to make your ride as smooth (and as stylish) as possible. Here are some bike accessories to get you cruising this National Bike Month.

Whether you're riding a fancy designer bicycle, a trusty vintage, a sporty racing bike, or a crazy DIY mod, you'll probably want some accessories to streamline your transportation experience, even if your additions are 100 percent related to carrying things. Bike racks, saddle bags, and cup holders can make your life that much simpler, leaving your hands free to focus on gears and handlebars. Whenever I ride to coffee shops here where I live in L.A. to do a little bit of extremely cliché writing-over-a-latte, I like to keep my laptop off of my back and in a basket and save myself unnecessary shoulder soreness.

So, if you're looking for a little inspiration on how to treat yourself and your bike to a little spring sprucing, these are my favorite additions to my admittedly and unapologetically writery bike setup.

1. Electra helmet

You can't very well ride around L.A. (a relentless car city) without proper protection for the old brain unit. And this radical and almost celestial helmet from Electra is a perfectly stylish way to protect your head from injury.

Electra Glam Punk Helmet, Electra, $79.99

2. Wald quick release front basket

I love this quick release front basket from Wald. A very bike savvy friend of mine got me one for my birthday last year, and I use it every single time I ride. The quick release function also allows it to function flawlessly as a grocery basket for rides to the store.

Wald quick release front basket, WaldSports, $25

3. Bicycle wine rack

For riding to girls' night, there isn't anything much more convenient than this leather wine rack. Just make sure you have enough clearance to fit this on your ride if you have a step-through style bike with a slanted crossbar like mine.

Tan leather bottle holder, Oopsmark/Etsy, $34

4. Public red bike bell

The bell — the completely unintimidating car horn of the cycling world. Having a bike bell may seem silly, but I promise you, dinging at pedestrians or slower cyclists rather than excusing yourself and apologizing is pretty empowering, especially if cycling is your main mode of transportation.

Public Federico Red Bell, Public, $15

5. Electra handlebar flowers

So this accessory is obviously just for show, but aren't these flowers so adorable? Celebrate spring and National Bike Month with these super cute attachable faux-blooms.

Electra Handlebar Flowers, Electra, $9.99

6. Public coffee cup holder

As if you could get to work without your daily dose of caffeine. Now you don't have to stop to chug your latte before carrying on with your ride. You can actually take it with you!

Public Trieste Coffee Cup Holder, Public, $15

7. Crochet bike skirt guard

This adorable crochet wheel adornment might seem like it's just for show, but it can actually protect longer skirts and dresses from getting tied up in your wheel and chain, saving you a super embarrassing ride back home in a torn dress or worse.

Crochet Bike Skirt Guard, KnitsForLife/Etsy, $52

Images: Fotolia; Pexels; Electra (2); WaldSports; Oopsmark/Etsy; Public (2); KnitsForLife/Etsy