Jon Stewart's Donald Trump Rant Makes Us Miss Him

Apparently, every person in America has something to say about Donald Trump. He's such a boisterous figure that it's hard not to have an opinion on the real estate mogul turned reality star turned presumptive GOP presidential nominee. On the flip side of the coin, there is probably no person more enjoyable to listen to about politics than Jon Stewart. His time hosting The Daily Show were some of TV's most hilarious and truthful years. Now he's blasting "The Donald" in true Stewart fashion, in an effort to help America regain its senses. So what exactly did he say?

Stewart went right for the jugular in a conversation with David Axelrod (of Obama campaign and advisement history) at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics during a taping of Axelrod's podcast The Axe Files. Stewart said, "I’m not a constitutional scholar, so I can’t necessarily say, but are you eligible to run if you are a man-baby, or a baby-man? ... He has the physical countenance of a man, and a baby’s temperament and hands."

(OK, there is a Twitter account devoted to Trump's hands. I actually have nothing more to say on that.)


Stewart then went on to call Trump a narcissist — or more specifically, an "unrepentant narcissistic asshole." Oh, how the world was awaiting the classic Stewart response on this. Speaking on Trump's campaign, Stewart knocked "Make America Great Again," his now-popular slogan. He asked, "When was America great? What is this time that he speaks of? ’81 to ’82? Like, what are we talking about? And who took your country away from you?"

This idea that America was greater during a time when fewer people were treated equally under the law — or furthermore, that America was great then, but is no longer great now in a time in which human rights have actually expanded — is disturbing. Apparently, the slogan doesn't make sense to Stewart either.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Coming forth with these strong opinions on Trump is perhaps Stewart's way of reminding America to come to its senses. Trump has won the majority of states' primaries, most recently knocking Ted Cruz and John Kasich out of the race. He's even turning some unaffiliated voters over to his side, which is frightening to Democrats.

This is probably just what America needs to remember that the nation has a very large wing of sense. That contingent simply isn't as noisy as Trump, but that's all right. It's time to start making noise now, and Stewart is, as usual, a verbal pioneer for the Democrats.