Adam From 'OutDaughtered' Has His Hands Full

Just when you thought TLC had run out of reality shows about families who could form their own baseball team if they wanted to, along come the Busbys. This family made the news around the world in 2015 when Danielle Busby gave birth to five daughters — the first set of all-female quintuplets born in the U.S. The reality series Outdaughtered follows the Busbys through their extraordinary daily life as they raise not only their five new babies but also four-year-old daughter Blayke. Danielle and Adam are outnumbered by the little humans in their house, but Adam is the sole lucky man surrounded by all this fabulous female energy. Who is Outdaughtered dad Adam Busby? Well, he's busy, for one.

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Now 33, Adam Busby has the huge family he and Danielle always wanted. On the family's blog, It's A Buzz World, he wrote that the two have always had a "deep desire to be parents" and began trying to conceive soon after they married and moved to Houston. According to the blog, the couple struggled with fertility issues and eventually turned to IUI (Intrauterine insemination) procedures, one of which enabled Danielle to become pregnant with Blayke. They went the same route to try for their second child, and ended up conceiving their second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth — all daughters. Adam Busby wrote on the blog that the family were advised by their doctors to abort several of the fetuses, but that they decided to hold "on to our faith and convictions" and try to bring all five babies to term, for religious reasons.

In interviews and clips from the show, Busby has the half-dazed, half-delighted look of a man who isn't sure how this is all going to work but also can't believe his luck. "I mean, Adam just about passed out," Danielle told People about her husband's reaction to the unexpected news. But, the shock gave way to gratitude once the girls were safely home. "You want to be so frustrated and so tired," the dad told ABC6 News in Houston, "but you look down and one smiles at you, and you can't be frustrated."

The family's routine and obviously their living space had to change drastically with the expansion of their ranks. Busby set up a GoFundMe page (that has since been closed) where friends, family, and strangers could pledge donations to support the girls and their parents. One baby is expensive enough, and as Danielle says in a preview clip for Outdaughtered, the Busbys needed every baby necessity times five.

Still based in Texas, the Busbys aren't so financially comfortable that both parents can stay at home all day with the kids. The entire family, including the one-year-old quints Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige, appeared on Good Morning America via a satellite interview on Monday, and Danielle was asked how she and the children fared when Adam had to return to work. "It was definitely really hard," she said. "I did have some help come in and family, but there's nothing like having your spouse or your husband take on charge with you."

You can live vicariously through all the adorable baby girl chaos when Outdaughtered premieres on TLC on May 10.

Image: TLC