Protect What You Love With This 'Shark Tank' Item

I'm going to be honest with you. When I first heard that a company called Extreme Vehicle Protection was going to be appearing on Friday night's new episode of Shark Tank, it was difficult for me to get excited about it. I don't own a car — or any vehicle for that matter — so I thought this might be a pitch I'd have to fast-forward through on my DVR. But now that I've gotten to know a little bit more about Extreme Vehicle Protection, I know it's a company that makes an important product, even if I might not have any use for it right now. Read on, and you just might want to know where to buy Extreme Vehicle Protection from Shark Tank by the end of this post.

But I have a feeling that if Extreme Vehicle Protection is making money, it won't have any problem getting the Sharks to care about investing in it. That of course will remain to be seen until Friday night's new episode arrives.

Until then, you can see what Extreme Vehicle Protection is all about below. It may not be the sexiest product to ever enter the Tank, but it could help keep you out of some serious trouble, and that should be more than enough reason to fall in love with it.

It's A Giant Bag For Your Car

Or as co-founder Matthew Harris put it in a recent interview with StarNews Online, "Think of it as a car condom." Now that you've got that image stuck in your head, let me explain what the product does. Extreme Vehicle Protection helps you protect your most valuable possessions (aside from yourself and your loved ones) from extreme weather, such as floods. This product is essentially a giant bag that you drive your vehicle into and seal up, which takes less than 10 minutes with two people helping, according to the company's website. The company says it'll protect your vehicle from 24 to 36 inches of rising tide and floodwaters, which is pretty impressive.

It's Recyclable

Luckily, your vehicle protection won't leave a carbon footprint. Extreme Vehicle Protection's bags are made out of 100 percent recyclable plastics, according to the above video demo of the product. The company also says that the material is tear and puncture resistant, so you can rest easy knowing that your possessions will be closely guarded from the elements.

It Doesn't Only Protect Cars

Extreme Vehicle Protection doesn't just cover small, medium, and large cars; you can also buy it to help keep a bunch of other big items safe, such as motorcycles, ATVs, outdoor furniture and equipment. Maybe they should consider making one for houses? Just a thought.

Help Is Here Now

The Flood Moisture Absoption Bags, $25, EVP

Extreme Vehicle Protection's products are available for purchase now through the company's official online store. You'll find the Powersports ($149), outdoor furniture ($199), and car (from $249) bags there, as well as the flood moisture absorption bags. Hopefully, Extreme Vehicle Protection scored a deal in the Tank so its products can be available for purchase in more places soon.

It's A New Company

Extreme Vehicle Protection used Shark Tank to help launch the product, according to StarNews Online. That probably explains why the company has only tweeted three times and has Facebook posts that only go back to September 2015. But now that Extreme Vehicle Protection has the help of the Shark Tank platform, its social channels should take off in no time.

It Took A Lot Of Trial & Error

As most great inventions do, Extreme Vehicle Protection took some work to get the product ready for market. Harris had a tank explode, and he had to air out his car overnight after a few failed tests, he told StarNews Online. But after working on the company on-and-off for several years with business partner Kenny Lerner, the two finally patented Extreme Vehicle Protection and made it to Shark Tank after auditioning in New York last year.

It's entrepreneurs like Harris and Lerner that give Shark Tank a good name.

Images: Beth Dubber/ABC (3); Giphy