Samantha Bee's Goodbye To Ted Cruz And John Kasich

Continuing her reign as the newly coronated queen of late night comedy, Full Frontal host Samatha Bee paid tribute to Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s exits from the Republican presidential race last week on Monday night in the best way possible. The latest episode of the new hit comedy show debuted a hysterically revised version of Michelle Branch's "Goodbye To You," sung by none other than the pop star herself, who's breaking back into the music business with a new album coming soon. "Goodbye Ted Cruz" was a tearjerking farewell to the former presidential candidate, not for his political merits, but for the endless source of material that he provided for Bee's show.

The segment is seven glorious minutes of Bee and Branch tag teaming to drag Cruz to oblivion. Bee had a special comedic affinity for Cruz during the short time that her show and his campaign overlapped, and he was often the butt of some of Bee's best jokes. She took time to honor the passing of their symbiotic relationship and list some of her most stellar insults used against Cruz during her show, including "self-described human," " tentacle monster," "unflushable toilet clog," and "the world's only unlikeable Canadian" (a joke only made funnier by the fact that Bee herself is Canadian.)

Then Bee handed the torch off to Branch to put that hilarious hatred to music. Branch's revamped version of the early 2000's jam made reference to all the best Ted Cruz memes, such as his secret identity as the Zodiac Killer and his terribly awkward hug/face punch with his wife Heidi on stage at his final concession rally.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the whole segment including Bee's simultaneous glee and legitimate sadness of not being able to make fun of Cruz anymore,

and the full version of the song. Both clips are worth the watch.

Since Bee's show premiered in February, Cruz has been a staple of Bee's exceptional political comedy. Bee never shies away from a Donald Trump joke of course and the opportunities for her biting commentary and top-tier humor will only increase as the election heats up towards the general, but there was a special bond between Bee and Cruz that just can't be recreated. As glad as she may be that his shot at the presidency is gone, Bee will undoubtedly miss all the opportunities for humor that he so easily provided. Goodbye, Ted Cruz!

Image: Full Frontal With Samatha Bee/Youtube