Paul Allen Memes Are The New Viral Reaction Pic

The Golden State Warriors faced off against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs on Monday night, and despite the triumphant return of all-star Steph Curry after a four-and-a-half game stint on the bench following a right knee sprain, the biggest news of the night was billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's hilarious reaction face and the meme that came later. Allen, owner of the Trail Blazers franchise for almost 30 years, was court side for the big game, which the Blazers almost locked up before being forced into overtime. Curry then dominated the extra period, scoring 17 points in five minutes, including an incredible three pointer that left Allen totally stunned. The internet, in its infinite ability to find humor in the smallest moments, flooded with jokes and memes of Allen's face, joining the ranks of greatest reaction pictures of all time.

Most of the joking was centered around the nearly universal awe of Curry's performance, but there was a decent amount of poking good fun at Allen himself. Allen also owns the Seattle Seahawks, and the biggest sports enthusiasts were quick to compare the team’s 2015 Super Bowl loss. Some techies also jumped in with spot-on Microsoft jokes, rounding out the humor to appeal to every demographic. Check out these hilarious jokes and memes, and make sure to save the picture for your group chat.