Tom Hardy’s Rumored 'Star Wars' Role Could Be A Legacy Character

It seems like what began as a small undercover role for actor Daniel Craig in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now becoming quite a tradition. According to the Star Wars fan news site, Making Star Wars, Tom Hardy might play a stormtrooper in Episode VIII, working for the First Order in a small cameo in the upcoming Star Wars film. If that's true, he would be the second star to be a footnote in the record-breaking franchise. In fact, I have a feeling that this coveted cameo is going to be something that catches on for however many new Star Wars films are on their way. I mean, really, who doesn't want to be in Star Wars?

While neither director Rian Johnson, or Tom Hardy, have confirmed the news, it has been confirmed that Daniel Craig was the stormtrooper that Rey used the Force on to escape from in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Hardy's role doesn't sound like it's much different. In this rumor, since he's also said to be playing a stormtrooper character caught up in a funny and awkward moment with one of the film's main characters. MSW described his role as, "Finn is on a mission, a stormtrooper recognizes him from training, and then lets him go in a comedic misunderstanding." That's almost as good as Craig's inability to fight the powers of the Force.

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So, will storm trooper cameos become some kind of on-going thing for Star Wars? I wouldn't put it past Hollywood to do so. Since filming takes place in London most of the time, I'm assuming that we can expect mostly British actors sneaking their way onto set. I'm even wondering if Craig will be returning for Episode VIII in spite of Hardy's apparent cameo. Whenever a storm trooper talks, listen closely. You just don't know which Hollywood star you could be watching on the screen.

Star Wars: Episode VIII doesn't come to theaters until December 15, 2017. At this point, it seems like even more cameos could be on their way. If you happen to be near the filming site, keep your eyes and ears peeled. The stars might just be where you'd least expect them.

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