14 Tech Gift Ideas For Father's Day

by Jessica Learish

When I was a kid, my dad built our first personal computer from scratch, and our first Nintendo was not gifted to my brother or to me, so you could say he was a tech guy (or a huge geek... whichever). Here are some Father's Day tech gift ideas perfect for any dad from the super-savvy to the technologically challenged. That's the beauty of 21st century technology — over the past 10 years or so, we've been steadily chugging toward perfectly user friendly integration of all of our devices.

Another wonderful thing about tech gifts is that you're not limited by any one particular interest. If your dad likes to cook, there are tech gifts for chefs. If your dad is a fitness nut, there is a whole world of gadgets for athletes. The list goes on and on. There are also gadgets that perform a wide array of simpler duties, a branch of consumer-facing technology that is increasingly Jetsons-esque, though I'm still waiting on the robot that folds your laundry.

Your dad already has a smartphone, so here are some more inspired techie gift ideas tailored to your dad's interests. What a thoughtful child you are! Just remember to fight the urge to keep all the cool technology to yourself.

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, $180, Amazon

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker-robot that can answer trivia questions, fill you in on the weather forecast, remind you when to take the cookies out of the oven, play music from your favorite streaming services, and even help you buy things on Amazon without looking at a single screen. Your robot answers to her name, Alexa, and gets smarter all the time. Alexa can integrate with other smarthome products like your Samsung Smart TV or climate control system. This little gadget is perfect for the dad with tech fatigue who doesn't like to stare at his smartphone all the time.

2. Power Amp 6 Portable Charger

Zagg Power Amp 6, $24, Amazon

This portable charger is perfect for the dad who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors with limited access to electrical outlets. Get this for the dad who loves to camp, or who is always on the go so he can always keep his devices powered up.

3. Polar A360

Polar A360, $200, Polar

The Polar A360 is a fitness tracker that has a lot more capabilities than a little pedometer. Your dad will be able to track his workout intensity specific to his favorite kind of exercise and even stay on top of his daily goals for general activity. The A360 will even remind Dad when it's time to stand up and take a short walk after long periods of inactivity. Perfect for the dad who works at a desk by day and is an athlete by night.

4. Fluance Fi70

Fluance Fi70, $500, Amazon

Perfect for the musical dad, the Fluance Fi70 speaker system works a few different ways. Connect the Fi70 to your TV with an optical cable, to an MP3 player with a auxiliary cable, to your smartphone or laptop via bluetooth, or listen to AM or FM radio. The system sounds wonderful and will produce a great listening experience for Dad to jam out to his favorite tunes.

5. BBQ Grill Light & Fan

BBQ Grill Light And Fan, $80, Sharper Image

If your dad is the grillmaster, get him this awesome light and fan combo that will allow him to get a perfect read on how much longer the burgers have on the grill — completely hands-free! Anyone who has ever tried to grill dinner at night with a flashlight wedged between their head and shoulder knows how useful this little guy is!

6. Anova Precision Cooker

Anova Precision Cooker With WiFi, $199, Amazon

The Anova Precision Cooker is a sous vide revelation. It's great because it can be adjusted via a smartphone app connected to wifi, giving your dad complete control of dinner down to the degree without having to spend all day in the kitchen.

7. Smart Slow Cooker

Smart WeMo Crock-Pot, $117, Amazon

This Smart Crock-Pot is another awesome new age cooking tool. Adjust cook time, temperature, or switch your Crock-Pot to warm from a smartphone app that just so happens to be compatible with the Amazon Echo. Dad can just say "Alexa, add 10 minutes to the Crock-Pot cook time," and just like that, the devices will work together to execute his request.

8. Scosche HandleIt Pro XL

Handlelt Pro XL, $30, Scosche

If your dad is a cycling buff, this weatherproof handlebar smartphone mount will keep him connected to the grid — that means access to maps, music, and more. This version of the smartphone handlebar mount can fit larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note series or the iPhone 6 Plus.

9. ilumi Lightbulbs

ilumi Smartbulbs, $50 and up, Amazon

"But they're just lightbulbs," you exclaim, but you would be incorrect. The ilumi bulbs are amazingly smart little pieces of technology. I have a couple in my apartment — one set to simulate a sunrise and another to change hues with the time of day to mimic the color spectrum of the sun at any given time, and these are just a couple of the many things that ilumi bulbs can do.

10. August Smart Lock Homekit

August Smart Lock HomeKit, $229, Amazon

The August Smart Lock is perfect for the dad who is always wondering if he's locked the door. Control your deadbolt from your smartphone from anywhere. Lock and unlock the door with your phone, be safe from intruders with the 24/7 activity log, and manage complex lock permissions from anywhere.

11. Fizzics Beer System

Fizzics Beer System, $170, Target

For the beer savvy dad, this little gem imbues any old bottled beer with the fresh draught taste and texture. According to the product reviews, this thing works like a charm and doesn't even require any extra CO2 or nitrogen canisters. Just be sure to let Dad know that you'll be over to get your favorite beer on tap next happy hour.

12. goTenna Text and Location Communicator 2 pack

goTenna Text & Location Communicator, $150, Amazon

This is another awesome little gadget for the camper dad! The goTenna allows you to send texts and GPS coordinates from your iPhone or Android with no cell phone service necessary.

13. Raden A22 Carry-On Bag

Raden A22 Carry-On, $295, Nordstrom

It has flex plastic technology, so Dad can't break it. It charges devices while Dad is in the terminal. It connects to a smartphone app that will tell him how much his suitcase weighs. If your dad travels for business, this carry-on bag is pretty awesome.

14. Apple TV

Apple TV, $149 and up, Apple

Change Dad's understanding of the meaning of "on demand" with the cord-cutter's dream device — the Apple TV. Yes, you probably already have one, but Dad is still living in the days of DVR and forgetting to record the basketball game. With the Apple TV, ESPN automatically caches those games for you so you never have to think about missing a minute of your favorite team.

Images: Pexels; Amazon (4); Zagg; Polar; Fluance; SharperImage; Anova; Scosche; ilumi; REI; Raden; Apple