8 Memorial Day Memes That Understand The True Meaning Of This Holiday

Most Americans will have Monday, May 30 off from work because it's a national holiday, but how many of them will actually take a moment to reflect on the meaning behind Memorial Day? If you need a little help appreciating your freedom and those who won it for you, these Memorial Day memes are sure to come in handy.

While there's a touch of humor to each of them, the fact of the matter is that Memorial Day is a serious day. It can be a day of joy and a day of sorrow, a day that celebrates how wonderful this country is, as well as a day that suffers in remembrance of those who have fallen in the countless wars and battles that the United States has partaken in.

Whether or not you believe in war, and whether or not you personally know a fallen solider, this day should affect you. It should leave you feeling grateful for your country, and thankful to those who died for it. No death on the battlefield should be in vain, and while we all may have differing views on this country's political agenda, let us never forget those who came before us and helped to shape America into what it is today.

Every. Single. Year.

Both are important, though.

It's not all about barbecues and beach days.

It's an invaluable thing.

It cost more than you realize.

Cheers to America!

So true.

It's truly a beautiful thing.

Images: MemeCenter