Young, In Love, & Wearing the Same Shirt

If you really love her, you'll wear a matching t-shirt — or at least, that's how the train of thought goes for many young South Korean couples. The trend is called Keo-Peul-Look ("couples look"), and it's especially popular among youngsters, newlyweds, and generally inseparable soul mates.

A couple in love can opt for head-to-toe matching looks, but if they're feeling a little more low-key — or worried what their friends might think — there are subtler choices, like matching underwear. WWD reports that Keo-Peul-Look became popular in the '90s, due to the prevalence of Korean TV stars and their matching outfits.

Though Westerners may be unused to such public displays of affection, the effect is surprisingly cute. Couples are forced to meet each other halfway by adopting more androgynous styles, resulting in hipster-y outfits like skinny jeans, sneakers, and matching hoodies. (Check out WWD' s fantastic slideshow of matching couples in Seoul for more examples.)

But isn't the whole thing a little over the top? Those interviewed about the trend seem split, especially the guys. While some men love the ritual ("We can show off that we are a couple, not one of those lonely singles," Eric Kim, 28, told AFP), others insist that it's a my-girlfriend-made-me sort of deal. "Usually guys hate wearing matching stuff. But we're usually pressured into it by our girlfriends," Min Jun, 24, told CNNGo.

Underwear, outerwear, or just plain peer pressure — it's always sweet to see love so insistently displayed. And hey, head-to-toe matching outfits might be more effective than a pair of wedding rings for those trying to tell the world, "We belong to each other."