Jaclyn Hill's BECCA Palette Is Coming Out Soon

Beauty product addicts and fans of mega-famous beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill, take note, the MUA's Jaclyn Hill x BECCA palette launch date is sooner than you may think. Hill and Becca Cosmetics today announced via Snapchat and Instagram that the palette, which contains two highlighters and three blush shades, will be launching within the month.

According to Hill's Snapchat, the palette will be launching on May 26 online and June 16 in Sephora stores nationwide. It's actually pretty soon, right? Considering Hill's mega-popular Champagne Pop highlighter is sold exclusively at Sephora, it makes sense that Hill will be launching her palette at Sephora as well. The highlighter is priced at $38, and beauty product fans are already speculating in Instagram comments how much the palette will cost (I've seen a couple fans predicting it'll be $58, but we'll see what happens when it launches).

The Becca Cosmetics Instagram is also confirming it'll be a limited-edition launch, so you'll want to get your palette early before they sell out. The Champagne Pop highlighter was also supposed to be a limited-edition launch, but it was so popular the brand made it a permanent piece in the collection. Maybe the same will happen with the palette?

As you can see, the date comes straight from Hill's Snapchat.

Totally appropriate use of the Champagne emoji, am I right?

It looks like beauty insiders will get to try out the palette a little early. According to the Becca Cosmetics Instagram, there will be a launch party next week.

Although May 26 is still a few weeks away, we'll have to settle with admiring how gorgeous the palette is from afar for now. Remember to stay tuned to Hill's Snapchat for more updates!

Images: jaclynrhill/Snapchat