Three Spice Girls Hung Out — What Does It Mean?!

Stop right now, thank you very much. The most important news of the day is here, and Spice Girls fans are losing it. Three of the ladies Spice got together amid constant speculation that the group will be reuniting for a tour for their 20-year anniversary at some point in 2016. Even though any concrete plans have yet to be announced, this latest Spice Girls reunion is a hint that the group is likely planning something to commemorate the occasion.

Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) shared a photo of her recent meet-up with Geri Horner (aka Ginger Spice) and Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice) and it's probably the cutest thing ever. Two Spices are noticeably absent from the photo — Victoria Beckham (Posh) just touched down in Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival, and Melanie Chisholm (Sporty) is missing in action (hey, girl, where are you?) but it's still great to see the rest of the group hanging out and looking gorgeous as per usual. Horner also posted her own throwback photo of the ladies on the set of the music video for "Wannabe" from 1996, and it's clear that whatever is going on, that Spice Girls nostalgia is back in full force. Upon seeing the photo of their reunion, fans promptly (and understandably) freaked out on Twitter.

Some fans absolutely had no chill, and who can blame them?

Others felt the Girls were teasing them with this latest picture.

And, well, others are simply excited to see the ladies back in action.

No matter what the Spice Girls are brewing up these days, it's great to see that friendship never ends, just like they said back in 1996. BRB, dusting off my Walkman and platform sneakers. What a beautiful day.