What To Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

With college graduation season upon us, you may be wondering what to wear under your graduation gown. That thing is so bulky that you could basically wear a unicorn onesie underneath and no one would be the wiser. However, as you've worked long and hard to get to this day, you may want to consider dressing up a bit. Personally, I chose to pair comfort with style on my own graduation day. For me, the thought of sitting for two hours in an uncomfortable body con dress gave me the chills. However, if that's your thing, then go for it, of course. This is your day, after all. Wear whatever makes you feel special.

When it comes to special occasions, I personally like to stick with either dresses or jumpsuits. These outfits are perfect from going from your graduation ceremony to lunch, brunch, or whatever else you may have in store that day. These items are transitional pieces as they bring about a sense of calm, collectedness without being overwhelming or too casual. These pieces are a good mix of subtle style that can go with you anywhere. Here are 11 dress and jumpsuits that would be perfect to wear under your graduation gown.

1. Printed Maxi Dress

Dress, $104,

Stay comfy and stylish during your graduation ceremony by opting for a flowing maxi dress.

2. Lace Insert Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $36,

Strut your stuff in this sleek and sexy black jumpsuit.

3. Green Lace Shift

Dress, $99,

Make everyone at your graduation green with envy over this gorgeous shift dress.

4. White Satin Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $114,

Shine bright like the college educated diamond you are in this structured white jumpsuit.

5. Blushed Embroidered Dress

Dress, $91,

Be the new classic in this subtle shift dress.

6. Floral Lace Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $106, asos. com

BRB, ordering this immediately.

7. Fitted V-Neck Dress

Dress, $39.99,

Spring not only brought you warm weather, but it also brought along that sweet, sweet college diploma.

8. White Strapless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, $210,

Seeing as your about to be a badass lady graduate, why not start dressing like it?

9. Black Bell Sleeved Dress

Dress, $59,

Honestly, who wouldn't look good in this dress?

10. Printed Dress

Dress, $89,

Wait, did you get a degree in looking chic?

11. Tie Dye Midi Dress

Dress, $52,

Now, here is a dress to dye for.

Looking chic on your graduation day doesn't have to be a struggle. Choose an outfit makes you feel comfortable and chic. You've worked so hard to cross that stage, so whatever you do, remember to smile. You've earned this!

Images: Courtesy Brands; Emily McClure (1)