These Hairstyles Will Keep Your Hair Clean(ish)

by Julia Musto

Summer 2016 has everyone a. listening to Drake's Views and b. worrying about hairstyles that will keep your hair clean and fresh in the baking heat and horrible humidity. In New York City, a place with almost zero trees and zero breeze during the summer, people have a hard time dealing with their hair. Frizziness is a practically a street style trend by now. Why do you think all these supermodels are getting away with it? Why do you think we have some of the best blowout bars and products in the world? Necessity!

So, when it comes to keeping hair at 100, New Yorkers don't play. However, it doesn't matter where you live — everyone can afford to learn a thing or two about keeping their hair on fleek during "no wash" days. Do what feels good to you. For example, if your hands are physically incapable of fishtail braiding like mine, go for a wrap or cool hat trick.

Keeping your hair clean takes some real thought and some effort, no matter the season. But, for the love of all that is holy, do not touch your hair lest you want extra grease! Here are a few styles and tricks to help a girl out:

1. Crown Braid

It's like a little halo that never ever comes down so you don't have to worry about sweat, grease, et cetera!

2. Fishtail Braid(s)

Try two if you have super thick hair and/or can't pick a side! This is a great festival look that will last all day and you can make them as neat or as messy as you would like.

3. Half Up "Ariana Grande" Ponytail

You know you've wondered how she does it. It makes your hair look super full and still keeps a good amount of hair looking shiny and clean.

4. Hair Tuck

Hair tucks are easy because you're literally just tucking in the bottom part of your hair.

5. Space Buns

These two Minnie Mouse buns are perfect for sprinting through Disneyland. . .lines.

6. 2 Minutes Bun

For the girl who wants to keep it fresh on the go, spray some dry shampoo and try this easy bun.

7. Wrapped Ponytail

This easy two-step pony is a perfect Summer look for lazy girls like moi.

8. Put On A Wrap

This cool accessory makes sure you never have to decide between up and down hair on clean and dirty days. It will also protect your roots from the elements.

9. Wear A Hat

Similar to a wrap, this will keep your roots safe from external forces that will dirty them. Plus, if you wear a cool hat, no one will care about your hair. For the latest hat styles, check out this year's Coachella photos.

10. Chop It Off


Shorter cuts mean less to deal with. All the cool kids are doing it. Hair always grows back!

11. Do Whatever Style You Want But With Dry Shampoo

3.5 Oz. Detox Dry Shampoo, $23, Drybar

Dry shampoo is meant to keep your hair clean. Brush it through when you start to feel like your hair is getting wonky.

Image: Drybar