How January Jones Keeps Her Hair Healthy

by Sienna Fantozzi

If you fell in love with January Jones' hair on Mad Men (raises hand), then you're probably eager to know how she keeps it so shiny, bouncy, and healthy. January Jones shared how she keeps her hair healthy with People Magazine, and admitted that it does take a lot of work to keep it in such perfect condition.

I love when celebrities spill their beauty routines — and I love it even more when they actually admit that they have to work to look so flawless. It makes them totally relatable, and even though January Jones has perfectly coiffed hair, that doesn't come without some effort on her part. The actor, who is the new face of Kerastase, talked about her hair care routine with People Stylewatch, and revealed exactly what she does to keep it healthy.

Jones said that she's had to develop a pretty strict routine over the years, especially when she was filming Mad Men, because she went through "many hair color changes and lots of blow-drying and teasing on the set." That would definitely wreck havoc on anyones hair, but fortunately, her hair managed to stay healthy, strong, and shiny thanks to making sure to do a few things on the regs.

1. She Takes Her Vitamins

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Because of what her hair went through on Mad Men, Jones believes that hair and skin care starts from the inside, so she makes sure to take lots of vitamins. "I’m super religious about taking care good care of my skin and hair,” Jones told People . “When you do a show for like nine years, everything gets put through the ringer. That’s made me more cautious about what I’m putting on my hair and my face.”

2. She Doesn't Wash Often

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According to W Magazine, Jones tries not to wash her hair often, especially because she is trying to grow her hair out. "My hair is pretty resilient, considering what I put it through, but trimming it and not washing it are the only tricks I’ve come up with thus far."

3. She Skips The Blow-Dry

Her hair gets enough heat exposure from her job, so when she's at home, she never blow dries it. Jones told Into The Gloss, "I don't like doing things that require a lot of maintenance—not a lot of styling products at home, either." I guess if you're a natural beauty and can get away with it, why not!

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4. She Uses A Hair Mask

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Want healthy, hydrated hair? Put a mask on. "I’ve used Kérastase hair masques forever. Every few weeks I’ll take a 25 minute bath and leave one on the whole time,” Jones told People .

5. She Uses A Serum

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In addition to their masks, Jones also swears by Kérastase's serums.

6. She Uses Oil On The Ends

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Jones uses oil on the ends of her hair to help keep them shiny and healthy. "I love oils, too. Coconut oil I'll put on my hair and skin and everywhere," she told Elle .

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