The Most Popular Food To Photograph Will Have You Craving A Sweet Treat

If your Instagram feed is filled with ice cream and puppies, that's pretty standard, according to a recent survey conducted by Canon. According to Canon's data, compiled in honor of National Photography Month, ice cream is the most popular food to photograph — more popular than pizza, sushi, and even (somewhat surprisingly) tables full of brunch noms. It appears that I'm a whole lot more Instagram-basic than I would like to admit. Although, my most recent foodgram was frozen yogurt, which is totally different from ice cream... right?

Another amusing discovery from this study showed that people rate their own photography skills higher than ever, with 80 percent of respondents boasting that their photo game is anywhere from good to excellent. Maybe all of this improvement is legitimately coming from the ton of practice that we're getting at snapping pics — 24 percent of participants reported taking up to 300 photos per month (yeah that's 10 per day). Or maybe this confidence is a manifestation of the Dunning-Kruger effect which is basically the cognitive inability of a person who is terrible at something to recognize his or her own amateurism. We may never know!

But, to be sure, we as a nation are not just sitting around taking selfies. We're also taking a lot of pictures of our pets. About 59 percent of the country reportedly takes more photos of their pets than of themselves.

In the spirit of science, I went and counted every pet photo on my Instagram account, including this picture of my silly puppy, and discovered an almost seven to one ratio of pets to selfies (also only two ice cream photos, which I should probably work on — so, uh, follow me if you like dogs).

Check out this infographic from Canon to see the data for yourself.

Images: Pexels; Courtesy of Canon