The Pimple Named After Frank Zappa & 9 Other Crazy Organisms Named After Celebrities

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Because who doesn't think of pimples when they think of Frank Zappa? Well, no one, actually, except microbiologist Andrea Campisano, who's a huge Zappa fan. That's why when he discovered that a pimple-causing bacteria that had moved and adapted to live on grapevines, he knew he must name it after the iconically weird musician: Propionibacterium acnes type Zappae.

And as it turns out, Zappa already has a ton of organisms named after him: a spider that has an abdomen that looks like his mustache, a jellyfish named by a scientist who really wanted to meet Frank Zappa (and did), a species of New Guinea slender mudskipper, an extinct mollusk, and an ancient Asian mammal.

Stranger still, the practice of scientists discovering organisms and naming them after celebrities is far from new. Here's just a few of the celebrities that have had organisms named in their honor.

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